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What is Green Industrial Symbiosis?

Green industrial symbiosis is a form of commercial collaboration in which one business's residual product is reused as a resource by another business.

Symbiosis benefits

Entering into an industrial symbiosis with one or more other businesses can have great potential for your business, financially and environmentally.

Businesses can generate reciprocal value by collaborating on the use of residual products, the disposal of which usually entails costs. This enhances the efficient use and recycling of resources.

Benefits of green industrial symbioses:

  • Cut costs for disposing of waste and waste water
    If your waste or waste water can be used by another business, you can save disposal charges for incineration, landfill or treatment.
  • Your waste is valuable
    As your waste could be a valuable resource in the production process of another business, selling it provides a new business opportunity.
  • Reduce costs for basic commodities and raw materials
    The raw materials and basic commodities used in your production process can be bought at a lower price if you can buy them as residual materials from one or more businesses.
  • Reduce your expenditure on energy or water
    Smarter utilisation of heat or water together with neighboring business can lower your energy and water bills in many instances.
  • Greener profile
    Helping to increase and improve recycling through industrial symbiosis can enhance your business' green profile by reducing your consumption of new resources and reducing carbon emissions.