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Fund for Green Business Development

The Fund for Green Business Development has been promoting resource efficiency in Danish businesses by giving grants to selected businesses. The Fund has especially been focusing on exploiting the potential for growth in Danish businesses in the circular economy and the sharing economy.

The Fund has from 2013 till 2015 invested in 33 projects with a total of approx. EUR 7.3 million.

The Fund has invested in projects related to six themes:

  1. Development of new green business models
  2. Productinnovation and re-design of products
  3. Promotion of sustainable materials in product design
  4. Sustainable transition in the textile and fashion industry
  5. Reducing food waste
  6. Sustainable bio-based products based on non-food biomass

The selected projects all feature a high degree of novelty; they have the potential to create growth and new green jobs in Denmark as well as catalyce environmental improvements.

Read about the projects the fund has invested in 2013-2015 (pdf)