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The economic potential of the circular economy in Denmark

A policy toolkit report and a pilot study on the potential for circular economy in the Danish economy were launched in Brussels on 26 June 2015.

The report was prepared by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, McKinsey & Co. and NERA Consulting Group. The Danish Business Authority and the Danish Environmental Protection Agency assisted the project by contributing data on the Danish economy and providing input for the description of the current policy landscape in Denmark. A group of political and economic experts and a large group of Danish businesses and other experts also contributed substantially to the report.

The report assesses that a shift to a circular economy in Denmark leading up to 2035 will increase the GDP by up to 1.4 percent annually, increase exports by 3-6 percent, increase FTEs by up to 13,000, reduce Denmark's carbon footprint by 3-7 percent and reduce the use of resources by up to 50 percent.