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Danish Task Force for Resource Efficiency

The Task Force for Resource Efficiency aim to increase the competitiveness of the Danish economy. It also aims to review existing regulations affecting resource productivity and circular economy practices, identify barriers and work to find solutions.

The Task Force for Resource Efficiency is using explorative studies of the experiences and daily work of businesses to understand how barriers manifest themselves and affect businesses' behaviour - this will include the rules themselves, how they are administered and the assistance businesses receive to navigate them.

The Task Force for Resource Efficiency was set up in late 2014. In 2015, the Task Force is identifying barriers blocking potential increases in resource efficiency. In 2016-2017, it will establish solution teams for each selected barrier to find the most effective way to overcome them.

The Task Force will identify regulatory barriers and underlying conflicts of interest that prevent businesses from utilising their input of materials and water more efficiently. The work of the Task Force is an iterative process that alternates between business studies, other analyses and the development of solutions in dialogue with businesses and the relevant authorities.