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Companies in the programme for green business models

Fischer Lighting ApS

Fischer Lighting ApS (Røder & Mortensens Eftf. ApS) has invented a solution for reusing and rebuilding existing luminaires (downlights) to make it possible to install more energy-efficient LED light sources.

Skandinavisk Jura-Kalk A/S

Skandinavisk Jura-Kalk is developing a new green business model to bring one of the company's core products - lime mortar - to a new market, i.e. the construction of sustainable new buildings. This will be achieved by reusing the lime mortar.

We:Re ApS

We:Re designs one-off handbags and home furnishings by using items such as tents from festivals, advertising banners and lifeboats. We:Re is developing a return system in collaboration with the manufacturers of the materials.

Avichem ApS

Avichem ApS is developing an integrated environmental portal for managing the company's customers, which are other businesses.

Gardin Lis ApS

Gardin Lis ApS is developing a take-back scheme for curtains and sun protection that ensures the reuse of the second-hand materials.

We Do Wood ApS

We Do Wood ApS is minimising the use of resources by manufacturing, selling and distributing designer furniture made from the sustainable material moso bamboo.

Ak Entreprenørservice

AK Entreprenørservice is developing a green business model by creating value from worn-out caterpillar belts. Separating the rubber from the metal will create two valuable - and recyclable - resources.

Lithium Balance A/S

Lithium Balance A/S is developing a business model where electric-car batteries can be resold for other purposes rather than ending up as waste, once their capacity falls below 80%.

Troldtekt A/S

As part of the company's cradle-to-cradle strategy, Troldtekt A/S is developing a new business model based on a take-back system for construction and demolition waste, and for the efficient use of manufacturing waste.

MH Møbler

MH Møbler is developing a green business model that recycles materials from its production of sofas and offers customers an upgrade and take-back system.

MiljøTeam A/S

MiljøTeam is developing a flexible, innovative total solution for sorting waste at major events by involving the audience in the process.

Advance Nonwoven A/S

Advance Nonwoven A/S is developing a green business model which offers businesses time-based leasing of the use of a system that can manufacture endless mats using the businesses' own waste fractions.

Brøndborerfirmaet Poul Christiansen A/S

Brøndborerfirmaet Poul Christiansen A/S is developing a green business model in which private customers are offered a leasing model for establishing vertical geothermal heat to reduce the investment for installing the system itself.

KLS Grafisk Hus A/S

KLS Grafisk Hus A/S is developing a return system for event materials and signage to enable the recycling of roll-ups, banners and signs used at trade fairs, construction sites, etc.