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Illustrates awards 2016

The Circulars - a circular economy award

World Economic Forum's Young Global Leaders have founded a new circular economy award programme called 'The Circulars'.

The Circulars lauds all individuals, businesses and organisations from commerce and civil society that have made a notable contribution to driving the principles of the circular economy. The awards are divided into different categories, and the winners are announced each year at the World Economic Forum Annual Meetings in Davos.

In January 2015, The Circulars award in the 'Regions and Cities' category went to the Fund for Green Business Development under the Danish Business Authority, which nominated Denmark as a front-running region in the world for exploiting the potential for a circular economy. The award gives access to a number of specialists and practitioners in the field of circular economy, and the Danish Business Authority has benefited from knowledge sharing relating to effective implementation of various initiatives under the Danish Fund for Green Business Development.

Denmark received the award for several reasons, including:

  • increasing numbers of Danish businesses are becoming aware of and currently pursue the vast opportunities for growth in the circular economy;
  • the Danish government has demonstrated its commitment to pursuing circular principles, such as by launching the government strategy 'Denmark without Waste', which has several initiatives for encouraging new green business models, green technologies, innovation funding, better regulation, favourable waste-management policies and improved education and training;
  • ambitious targets of the Danish government, such as having 50 percent of all households recycling waste by 2022 and becoming independent of fossil fuels by 2015;
  • regional initiatives in Denmark, such as the City of Copenhagen, which has reduced its carbon emissions significantly and is planning to become the first carbon-neutral capital by 2025;
  • financing schemes and facilitating collaboration between businesses in the Fund for Green Business Development to develop new and innovative business models aimed at exploiting the potential of the circular economy.

Watch the finalist video blog by the Danish Business Authority

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